Jewellery Aftercare

Plated jewellery is very trendy in the hip hop world. It is the process where specific silver is coated with other comparably valuable metals. For example: If a ring has a cover of the gold layer, it is a gold plated ring. Gold plated jewellery is always very sensitive so that we need to be careful while we wear it, moreover, we suggest you clean it properly after every use.

How to clean gold plated jewellery?

We already notified you that Gold plated jewellery is very penetrating, so we should consider something with our gold-plated jewellery. Generally, we suggest using ultrasonic jewellery cleaner to clean all kinds of precious metals, whether it is gold or diamond but you must try a natural jewellery cleaning solution before applying ultrasonic cleaning technology or a steam cleaning system and we hope it is enough to clean gold plate jewellery. You can try the following procedure:

  1. Natural cleaning solution
  2. Soft towel
  3. Water,
  4. Bowl 

Plated gold on the silver or other metals is very soft, so it is easily scratched. That’s why we don’t even suggest brushes.

Step 1: Firstly, try to clean it with a soft towel. Wipe your jewellery softly using a soft towel or cotton cloth. If your jewellery is only surfaced by dirt and dust, it is enough in this case.

Step 2: Take a bowl and fill it with warm (not so much hot) water. Mix the water with a few drops of cleaning solution (we suggest using a natural solution).

Step 3: Put your gold-plated jewellery in the mixture and leave it in here for next 15 minutes. Whenever you take the piece of jewellery from the combination, use the soft towel and gently scrub in tight places. Rub it properly and remove 100% water from it.

I think you will recover your jewellery as new by using this procedure but if your piece is heavily tarnished, we suggest you take it to a professional service or use a professional jewellery cleaner machine at home. Don’t try just any procedure, It will damage your gold plate jewellery.

Tips On Caring for Your Gold Plated Jewellery

Let’s see some methods/ tips of caring for Gold plated jewellery:

  1. It is better to avoid any kind of spray including perfume on gold plated jewellery. Gold plated means the coated metal that can interact with the chemical so our suggestion is to wear jewellery after spraying body spray or perfume. Lotion or cream can also be harmful to your plated metal so wear those whenever the lotion or cream is absorbed by your skin correctly.
  2. Other beauty elements like nail polish, oil, nail polish remover, etc. directly reacts with coated metal so use these carefully when you wear gold plated.
  3. Your sweat is very harmful to losing the shininess and suitability of it. That’s why don’t wear gold-plated jewellery when you do exercise or other physical work.
  4. Clean plated jewellery regularly and adequately. Remove dust, dirt, sweat after every use. Follow our cleaning guideline.

Wrapping It Up

If you take care of your jewellery, it will last for many years. Our jewellery is coated five times for extra and longer shine. The more you look after it, the longer it will last.

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