Our Story


Hip hop art inspired by the people

Founded in Canberra, Australia in 2018, the ICED OUT KINGZ brand started from the very bottom, rose from the ground up in producing fashionable wearable trends from hip-hop and streetwear jewellery with a real purpose.

We had a dream and that is to create a brand by designing premium wearable art that brings everybody together with each piece telling it's own story. Exclusive and uniquely designed collections ranging from pendants, chains, bracelets, watches, grillz and more. 

ICED OUT KINGZ x Collaborations

ICED OUT KINGZ has worked with many famous jewellery designers to produce exclusive accessories like Marvel characters, sports pendants and celebrity pieces. 

Our dedication and promise

At ICED OUT KINGZ, our aim isn’t to ''sell you'' jewellery, our dedicated team is here to provide you the most fashionable wearable art pieces and iconic streetwear jewellery on the market and to top it off we want you to roll up in style with a REAL purpose, whilst we serve you in first-class.